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Ship Inspections

Merchant Prospect and Idwal

With close links between the Merchant Prospect and Idwal teams dating back 30 years, the decision to work together on ship inspections was a natural development. The combination of Idwal’s cutting edge ship inspection product together with Merchant Prospect’s extensive network of industry contacts will enable significant growth in business going forward. Having used the Idwal service extensively in the past and followed the numerous enhancements implemented in recent years, Merchant Prospect are able to advise potential users on its key benefits.

About Idwal

With over one hundred years of heritage and an ethos of quality, innovation, and integrity, Idwal is known for accurate, consistent and objective inspection reports as well as a continuous commitment to raising the standards of ship inspections worldwide.


Their unique digital inspection framework and online platform allows clients to view and understand the condition and risk of their maritime investments better than ever before, with greater visualisation and clarity of critical data, allowing customers to make smarter decisions.


Supported by offices in the UK, China, and Greece and a network of over 300 surveyors worldwide; Idwal’s inspection reports and the Idwal Grade has become the 'gold standard' financial institutions, ship owners, and other stakeholders believe in and trust.


"We are delighted to have Idwal as part of our stable of best-in-class providers of key services to the Maritime Industry. Having worked with Nick and the team extensively in recent years we are pleased to be able to promote Idwal’s ship inspection services to our clients and contacts."


Lars Torum - Managing Director, Merchant Prospect


"We really do value the industry knowledge, expertise and wealth of experience that Merchant Prospect offers and are extremely pleased to be working in partnership with them to promote and deliver our global inspection solution to their extensive global customer base"

Nick Owens - CEO, Idwal

Idwal and Merchant Prospect

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Leading brokers, shipowners, banks and financiers use our Pre-purchase inspection services in order to fully understand the condition of their intended acquisition and to understand the capital expenditure demand which may be required to bring the vessel back into a market-standard condition.

Many clients of Idwal and Merchant Prospect have made investment decisions on the basis of our reports which are also universally accepted by prominent financial institutions as an accepted independent validation of a vessels condition. You can expect a quick report turnaround, an extensive global reach and a competitive price. Most importantly, you'll get a report delivered straight to your mailbox which you can understand easily and which you can act on.


“It is crucial to have a trustworthy vendor like Idwal to perform consistent reliable vetting and pre-purchase services for the Cargill enterprise. We value a vendor that aligns with our company’s vision for safety and sustainability into the future.”


"ABN AMRO has used Idwal's inspection services a number of times. Each time, Idwal practiced in a professional manner by taking an objective approach and exercising independent judgment. The end-product (e.g. reports) was clear and understandable to all parties involved".


"The Isle of Man Ship Registry has had a contract in place with Idwal to provide audit and inspection services on Isle of Man registered vessels since 2009. We have found Idwal to be a very professional and pragmatic organisation, which strives to provide quality services to meet the client's needs."

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