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Merchant Prospect provides financial advice and financing strategies to its clients either on an ad-hoc or retained basis depending on customer requirements.

The company also assists clients with the raising of debt and equity, whether this be required for company growth, refinancing of obligations, vessel acquisitions etc. With a number of engagements concluded and several in progress at any one time, Merchant Prospect is in regular contact with numerous lenders and investors and thus has good market insight.

We also work closely with a funder focussed on the financing of on-board Environmental Equipment such as Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems and Ballast Water Management Systems.  Should you be interested in finding out more, please contact us at


Merchant Prospect provides consultancy services to both creditors and debtors in the shipping industry.  This covers loan restructuring, portfolio review, efficiency and profitability improvements, developing policy and strategy for financiers and best practice implementation together with many other maritime-related areas.


For larger projects Merchant Prospect works as an Independent Contractor for leading advisory firm Alix Partners LLP.


Merchant Prospect has partnered with leaders in their fields to market their services as follows:-

FX & International Transfers - Cost Effective and timely FX and International Payment solution in partnership with TransferMate with a focus on crew salary payments.

Financial Planning and Analysis - State-of-the-art solutions for scenario analysis and financial reporting through Miagen.


Vessel Valuations - In partnership with market leader VesselsValue

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